Equipment Design Engineer II

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Designing assembly equipment fixtures and tooling;
Updating and maintaining the standard equipment design manual to be referenced in all requests for quotes;
Updating and maintaining the standard work-cell designs;
Maintaining the timelines for each design;
Working with equipment engineers and vendors to implement, build, and setup equipment to be designed in-house;
Maintaining a detailed time log to capture the number of hours required for in-house tooling design;
Providing technical support for continuous improvement of production equipment and processes.

EDUCATION: 2-year or 4-year degree required; Engineering, Industrial Technology or related disciplines preferred.

Entry level or more years of manufacturing experience with a 4-year degree;
Or: 2+ years of manufacturing experience with a 2-year degree;
Must have design experience with SolidWorks or equivalent 3D software;
Knowledge and/or experience in engineering concepts, practices, and procedures;
JIT manufacturing environment experience;
Surfcam or other CAD/CAM software preferred.

Don't Be Fooled

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